‘’The Evening of Hope’’ has taken place.

November 15 2016

More than 200 guests - public leaders, representatives of business companies and show business, were gathered around the idea of helping children from needy families of Armenia. Such evenings allow our compatriots living in the United States to get acquainted with the problems and social conditions of needy families living in Armenia.

The participants of the event noted that the greatest happiness was helping other people. They said that they were not able to help everyone at the same time, but each of them could help at least one family. This time instead of toys luxurious Christmas tree was decorated with photos of children from needy families, who had found themselves in the studio of the program "Semi-Opened Windows. Each of those present, buying any of the hanging on the Christmas tree photos, made his own contribution to our common kind work. The other part of the evening  was arranged for auction and cash donations - for the purpose of which they all were gathered together at “Vertigo” hall.

After the end of the event, we can state that  the number of supporters grows year by year, and according to it, the range of our activity also grows. The event would not take placeif without  our sponsors - gift shop ‘’Le Papillon By Naz” in Los Angeles, on behalf of Director Naz Atikian - Baskijian, "Wells Fargo" bank, "United Healthcare Careers College’’,  on behalf of Dr. Beno Nersisian and Dr. Nubar Bogosian, as well as Royal Gor Studio and DYNAMIC DUO DANCE studio. As usual,  the hall was decorated  by ‘’Tic-Tock Couture Florals’’ design company led by Director Eddy Zaratsian.